1. "Temporary GPS/HFP" radio sources
  2. A new model for the multiplicity function
  3. A radio telescope for Ireland
  4. Ab-initio modeling of the addition reaction of methylsulfenchloride to functionalized ethenes
  5. Constraints on cosmological parameters by the X-ray luminosity and temperature functions of Galaxy clusters
  6. Dynamical factors destroying regular motion in barred galaxies
  7. Evidence for toroidal B-field structures in BL Lac objects
  8. Fine structure of jet knots of cosmic radio sources in the synchrotron and compton mechanisms of radiation
  9. Giant radio galaxies in view of the dynamical evolution of the FR II-type population
  10. High velocity spectroscopic binary orbits from photoelectric radial velocities: BD +82 565 A
  11. Interstellar scintillometry of the PSR B0329+54 at 1650 MHZ
  12. Lenscleaning B0218+357
  13. Links between the optical and radio polarization of AGNs
  14. Low frequency radio observations of microquasar candidates
  15. Neural networks for the selection of quasars from radio-optical surveys
  16. On a possible jet of our galaxy
  17. PID controller with enhanced disturbance rejection
  18. Parsec-scale circular polarization properties of BL Lac objects
  19. Preface : [Radio astronomy at 70: from Karl Jansky to Microjansky]
  20. Radio observations of a sample of BL Lac objects
  21. Radio source properties and the alignment effect
  22. Space distribution of stars in the direction of the association cam OB3
  23. Spectral-ageing analysis of selected distant giant radio galaxies
  24. Subparsec-scale imaging of extragalactic H2O maser emission
  25. The deceleration and unification of jetted objects
  26. Washington photometry of red giants in five galactic globular clusters