Title Greitosios opioidinės detoksikacijos eiga taikant naują palaipsniui didėjančių naltreksono dozių indukcijos metodą /
Translation of Title Rapid opioid detoxification with an implementation of the new method of gradually increasing dosage of naltrexone induction.
Authors Badaras, Robertas
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Pages 131
Keywords [eng] Opioid detoxification ; stressresponce ; naltrexone
Abstract [eng] Over the last decades opioid dependence and complications that go along with it have become a rapidly increasing social burden, as well as a vast problem for the whole healthcare system. Lithuania had 66% of psychoactive substances users, treated for the first time, who were heroin addicts (100% intravenous route), while the total rate in the European Union was only 25% (31,8% intravenous route). Obviously comparing with the values of other European Union countries, great demand for programs of qualified opioid addiction treatment remains. The Aim of the research is to identify which of the two naltrexone induction techniques during the rapid opioid detoxification procedure evokes a higher stress response and has higher influence on the acute, antagonist-induced opioid withdrawal and its expression of subjective and objective symptoms. According to the results of the research, Rapid opioid Detoxification under a conscious sedation technique, while using a gradual increase of naltrexone induction, induces neither subjective, nor objective increase in symptoms of opioid withdrawal. The practical use of this method does not require hospitalization in specialized centres, and this procedure could be especially effective for motivated patients.
Dissertation Institution Vilniaus universitetas.
Type Doctoral thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2016