Title BlockChain sistemų mastelio keitimo savybių tyrimas taikant agentais grįstą modeliavimą
Translation of Title Investigation of the blockchain systems’ scalability features using the agent based modelling
Authors Šulnius, Aleksas
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Pages 59
Abstract [eng] Investigation of the BlockChain Systems’ Scalability Features using the Agent Based Modelling. BlockChain currently is in the spotlight of all the FinTech industry. This technology is being called revolutionary, ground breaking, disruptive and even the WEB 3.0. On the other hand it is widely agreed that the BlockChain is in its early stages of development. In its current state BlockChain is in similar position that the Internet was in the early nineties. In order for this technology to gain mainstream adoption in the financial, regulatory and social sectors, new frameworks, methodologies and legal systems need to be developed. During its short history BlockChain has already received several major blows to its reputation when ingenious decisions were made concerning several BlockChain platforms’ fundamental architectural principles. This paper investigates how the impact of different decisions’ could be modeled in advance, to be able to foresee possible risks and their outcomes. In this work the agent based modelling is proposed for the modeling of the BlockChain systems. Model, simulating the BitCoin scalability features is developed. Also this model is validated with the help of already performed real life BitCoin scalability experiments.
Published Vilnius : Vilniaus universitetas
Dissertation Institution Vilniaus universitetas
Type Master‘s Thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2017