Title Investigation of luminescent and structural properties of lanthanide aluminium garnets synthesized by sol-gel method
Translation of Title Lantanoidų aliuminio granatų sintezė zolių-gelių metodu ir liuminescencinių bei struktūrinių savybių tyrimas
Authors Pavasarytė, Lina
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Pages 111
Keywords [eng] sol-gel ; luminescense ; XRD ; NMR ; solvothermal
Abstract [eng] The dissertation deals with rare earth aluminium garnet doped with a transition metal or lanthanide ions. Due to its attractive optical properties, outstanding chemical stability, low creep rate and high thermal resistance lanthanide aluminium garnets is an important solid-state laser material widely used in luminescence systems, window materials for a variety of light sources. In this work lanthanide aluminium garnets: Tb3Al5O12:Eu3+, Dy3Al5O12:Eu3+, Ho3Al5O12:Eu3+, Er3Al5O12:Eu3+, Tm3Al5O12:Eu3+, Yb3Al5O12:Eu3+, Lu3Al5O12:Eu3+,Y3Al5O12:Eu3+,Sm3+, Y3Al5O12:Eu3+,Nd3+ were prepared by sol-gel method. It was also investigated their structural and luminescence properties and determined correlation between them.
Published Vilnius : Vilniaus universitetas
Dissertation Institution Vilniaus universitetas
Type Doctoral Thesis
Language English
Publication date 2018