Title Lietuvos nevaisingų moterų populiacijos biologinių veiksnių daugiamatė analizė
Translation of Title Multivariate analysis of Lithuanian infertile women’s biological factors
Authors Amšiejienė, Andrė
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Pages 84
Keywords [eng] IVF ; BMI ; WHR ; AMH
Abstract [eng] One out of six couples experience fertility problems at least once during their fertile life. Female age is the main and most important predictor of IVF outcome and the best results are achieved in women under 35 years of age. Excess body weight and obesity are associated with alterations in the reproductive system in women. Main ovarian reserve measures are AFC, FSH and AMH. It is known that a correlation exists between ovarian reserve and oocyte retrieval numbers, pregnancy rates and birth rates. Aim of this dissertation is to evaluate age, anthropometrical measures and ovarian reserve of Lithuanian infertile women and to perform multivariate analysis of factors influencing success of ART.
Dissertation Institution Vilniaus universitetas
Type Doctoral thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2018