Title Psichozę išgyvenusieji pacientai: gydymosi rekomendacijų laikymosi patyrimas
Translation of Title Patients who have experienced psychosis: experiences of adherence to treatment
Authors Koržovaitė, Evelina
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Pages 47
Abstract [eng] Rates of medication adherence among patients with psychotic disorders have been estimated at approximately 50 – 75 %. Medication adherence is very important in terms of quality of life and relapse prevention. High medication adherence after the first episode of psychosis is very important to recover completely (Coldham, Addington, Addington, 2002). The aim of this study was to find topics from the collected data that would reveal the experience of treatment recommendations. The Thematic Analysis method was chosen for the study. The study involved 10 patients, who have experienced psychosis (6 males, 4 females), all the participants in the study were outpatients at the Vilnius City Mental Health Center. All the topics were divided into two groups: the motivating experience of adherence to treatment recommendations and the experience of suppressing treatment recommendations. Adherence motivating experiences are related to a supportive family, a therapeutic alliance, responsibility for your own well-being, the willingness to avoid relapse, trying different activities to help yourself, negative experiences of treatment non-adherence, and good health while using medication. Adherence suppressing experiences are related to medication theme avoidance, the shame of using medication, shame, side effects, fear of possible side effects in the future, bad insight, experimenting with not using medication, medicine as the constraint, and medical treatment as a life sentence. The results of this work may be useful in helping patients to improve medication adherence.
Dissertation Institution Vilniaus universitetas
Type Master thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2018