Title Synergy effects in electromagnetic properties of phosphate ceramics with silicon carbide whiskers and carbon nanotubes
Authors Plyushch, Artyom ; Macutkevič, Jan ; Kuzhir, Polina ; Sokal, Aliaksei ; Lapko, Konstantin ; Selskis, Algirdas ; Banys, Jūras
DOI 10.3390/app9204388
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Is Part of Applied sciences. Basel : MDPI. 2019, vol. 9, iss. 20, art. no. 4388, p. [1-8]. eISSN 2076-3417
Keywords [eng] hybrid composite ; carbon nanotube ; SiC whisker ; dielectric properties ; shielding properties
Abstract [eng] Hybrid composite materials based on an aluminium phosphate matrix with silicon carbide whiskers and multi-walled carbon nanotubes were studied in a wide frequency range (20 Hz to 36 GHz). It was demonstrated, that the addition of the silicon carbide whiskers enhances the dielectric permittivity and conductivity. This was explained by the difference in tunnelling parameters. Hybrid ceramics with nanotubes and whiskers also exhibits substantially improved electromagnetic shielding properties. The hybrid ceramics with 10 wt. % silicon carbide whiskers and a 1 mm thick 1.5 wt. % carbon nanotube layer, show higher than 50% absorption of electromagnetic radiation.
Published Basel : MDPI
Type Journal article
Language English
Publication date 2019