Title Medžio įvaizdis latvių poeto Fricio Bardos eilėraščių rinkinyje Giesmės ir maldos Gyvybės Medžiui
Translation of Title The image of the tree in the collection of poems Canticles and prayers for the tree of life by Latvian poet Fricis Bārda
Authors Butkus, Vigmantas
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Is Part of Acta humanitarica universitatis Saulensis. Šiauliai : Šiaulių universiteto leidykla. 2011, t. 13, p.297-306. ISSN 1822-7309
Keywords [eng] Fricis Bčrda ; universal synthesis ; new mythology ; world tree ; tree of life ; image of a tree
Abstract [eng] Fricis Bārda (1880–1919) is one of the most talented Latvian poets neo-romanticists of the early 20th century. In the selected aspect, the article analyses his second and last collection of poems Canticles and Prayers for the Tree of Life (Dziesmas un lūgšanas Dzīvības Kokam; published posthumously in 1922). The pivotal concept of aesthetic and philosophical attitudes of Bārda is the concept of a universal synthesis developed most in the study entitled “Romanticism and a Pivotal Problem of Art and Worldview” (1910). According to Bārda, a universal synthesis in a literary piece is mostly possible through a myth, creation of the new mythology. That is why the variation of the world tree of the mythological world – the tree of life – already appearing in the fi rst leading poem “To the Tree of Life” – purposively becomes quite a major image of the collection. The image of the tree of life in the collection is the following: 1) it is easily transformed into the image of the omnipresent God; 2) it has more features of the invariant world tree (but not of its variant – the mythological tree of life). The most important feature among the mentioned is as follows: the relation between the macrocosm and the microcosm as well as between the universum and man is made of high relevance, treating a man as a figure of auto- reflection of the universum, true, perceiving the latter as the low-value in the shadow of the sublime of the universe. The image of the tree of life (world) in the collection Canticles and Prayers for the Tree of Life very smoothly merges and sometimes even peculiarly grows into one with the poems of a natural character and the like, where the direct picture of the tree – usually a birch – or its “fragments” follows a man from one’s birth to death.
Published Šiauliai : Šiaulių universiteto leidykla
Type Journal article
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2011