Title Lietuvos regionų darbo rinkos socialinė-ekonominė analizė 2004 – 2014 m.
Translation of Title Labour market socio-economic analysis of Lithuania regions in 2004-2014
Authors Simsonaitė, Vilija
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Pages 78
Keywords [eng] Labour marke ; wage ; unemployment ; regions
Abstract [eng] The work of the master's final issue in one of the subsystems of the economy-labour market. In the first part disclosed the concept of labour market, its composition, characteristics of regional labour markets, determining causes of and the regional labor market influence factors. The second part of various statistical methods, carried out a dynamic analysis of the labor market, socio - economic indicators on the labor market assessment to identify key factors influencing the level of unemployment and wages developments in the regions in 2004 – 2014 time. The third part was analyzed the different institutions of unemployment and wages forecast for 2015-2016 time. Examination of the active labor market policy measures taken during the analysis period by county, include proposals to increasing labor mobility between regions.
Dissertation Institution Šiaulių universitetas
Type Master thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2015