Title Verslo partnerystės vystymas logistikoje
Translation of Title Development of business partnerships in logistics
Authors Stumbraitė, Rasvita
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Pages 59
Abstract [eng] One of the modern business paradoxes is that for surviving and thriving company has to use difficult business management technologies. Often it is better to invoke for a help other companies which have special potential and technical skills than to do all business functions by yourself. Even company has all potential to transport, warehouse and distribute goods, logistics company could offer simpler, faster and cheaper decisions for these functions. Logistics company, as an equitable partner, concerns for final result and shares own experience and technologies. But at the same time outsourcing logistic functions could be dangerous, so this research work will focus on successful factors for logistics partnership. Object for research work – business partnerships in logistics. Tasks for research work: • To make different authors‘ research literature review analysis concerning logistics and partnerships topics; • To distinguish main aspects for logistic partnerships significance; • To make analysis of already made research works and researches about successful logistics partnerships factors; • To explain research process and methods concerning selecting needful information for research; • To make analysis of research data and present results; • To compare research data with B. J. Gibson and S.M. Rutner research data; • To present conclusions and suggestions concerning research work results. Importance and satisfaction of presented success factors for successful partnership were evaluated by shippers and carriers differently (in B. J. Gibson and S.M. Rutner research as well), what confirms hypothesis. Research work consists of 48 pages, 5 tables and 10 pictures.
Type Master thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2014